Welcome to Rapurna’s Boutique,

Rapurna’s is “Apnar Nijer Boutique” which is Bengali for “Your Own Boutique”.

It is designed to have just your kind of Saree collections– embracing enthusiastically the modern & contemporary and yet cherishing the timeless charm of tradition.

Thus you will find at Rapurna’s a truly exclusive range of Sarees, such as Designer Saree, Ghicha Saree, Matka Saree, Pure Silk Saree as well as Bengal Sarees like Jamdani Saree, Baluchari Silk Saree, Tussar Silk Saree, Pashmina Silk Saree, Handloom Saree, Cotton Saree and much more which are typically known as Sarees from Bengal or Bengali Sarees.

Founder: Rapurna’s Boutique opened its doors on 19th July, 2016 (Guru- Purnima Day). Its founder, Bipasha Ghoshal, a Calcutta University Economics Graduate gave up a glamorous professional career to devote herself to her family. Now with both her daughters grown up, egged-on by her corporate executive husband and actively supported by her close family, Bipasha launched her long cherished dream of a truly user-friendly and interactive Boutique.

She is ably supported by a young team headed by Shalini Bose, a Masters in Music from Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta.

In this short period, thanks to the encouragement of so many like you, Rapurna’s has already made a name for itself for exclusivity, innovative designs, outstanding quality all at a price that delights.

Social Objective: Taking baby-steps in this direction Rapurna’s has already built toilets in a village in the Sunderbans and helped individual young people from totally disadvantaged background to become self reliant in a vocation they show an aptitude for. This will continue at an ever gathering pace. We also utilize our profits to feed street dogs. 

Interactive: Your suggestions, your preferences, your ideas would help Rapurna’s to evolve further into an even more you-friendly site. Please do write in with your comments.

Contact us

33A,South Sinthi Road,

Sinthi (Dumdum), Kolkata-700050

Email- rapurnas@gmail.com

Phone : +91 -9830289732