Exclusive Baluchari Silk Sarees

Baluchari Silk Saree

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Baluchari Silk Saree of orange shade

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Baluchari Silk Saree of rare ethnicity

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Baluchari Silk Saree of rare shade

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Baluchari Silk Saree of reddish shade

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Baluchari Silk Saree with an amazing color combination

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Baluchari Silk Saree with Christian motifs

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Blood red Swarnachari Silk Saree

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Crimson Baluchari Silk Saree

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Deep Brown Swarnachari Silk Saree

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Light Blue Swarnachari Silk Saree

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Majestic Swarnachari Silk Saree

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Baluchari Sarees Online Shopping – Great Collection of Cotton & Silk Baluchari Saree!

It is said that every woman looks at her best when she drapes the six yards. Well, that stands true in most cases. Traditionally, Bengal is known for a lot of things. Amongst all, it’s the Baluchari Silk Saree of Bengal that stand tall as its symbol and tradition.

Now, tell me, what are you gonna wear for a day time ceremony? Of course not a big gown or something like that! Since it is the day time, you would like to keep it simple right? Well, probably going ethnic would be the best decision. In that case, opt for Bengal Baluchari SareesOnce you look at the collection of the Baluchari sarees you will go aww! Before everything, let’s take a look at the brief history of the Baluchari sarees.

History of Baluchari

The Baluchari saree took birth in the soil of West Bengal. It got its name from the place where the weavers used to weave this piece of cloth. The village where the work of Baluchari used to be conducted was known as Baluchar. It was located in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal. Well, you will be surprised to know that this work of Baluchari on the sarees started way back almost 500 years ago. Suddenly, some natural calamities took place and the weavers had to shift their weaving set up from Baluchar to Bishnupur. Thereafter, the industry grew rapidly under the British rule.

Generally, the pure hand crafted Baluchari sarees are worn by the women of Bengal and Bangladesh. It is completely hand woven with a consistent dye of silk. The work upon the Baluchari is magnificent. The weavers weave motifs of Indian traditional stories. The mythological inscriptions get thicker and thicker as you move towards the pallu. It takes almost a week to weave a Baluchari silk . Mainly, the motifs belong to the epics Ramayana and Mahabharata. You can easily wear it to get an aristocratic and elegant look. It also suits perfect as bridal saree .

Making of latest Baluchari sarees & new collection of Baluchari silk

Indeed, manufacturing a original Baluchari saree is a time-taking process. Along with adequate amount of time and the patience of the weaver, a skilled craftsmanship too is important. Since these sarees are hand woven, it makes use of the extremely pure yarn. However, most of it depends on the material that is being used. Originally, they were weaved with the purest form of silk threads. Over the years, things have changed. Now weavers weave Baluchari sarees with cotton threads. You can buy baluchari silk and cotton saree at very much affordable price.

Therefore, several variants of the Baluchari sarees have been developed, namely:

a. Baluchari cotton saree

b. Baluchari silk saree

c. Bishnupuri Baluchari saree

d. Exclusive Baluchari Silk Saree

e. Women’s Swarnachari Baluchari Silk Saree With Blouse with Traditional Design

First, the process of sericulture is carried out. In this process, the mulberry silk is accumulated and cultivated. Also, the silk yarns are drawn out from their cocoon. Then, the silk yarns are put into boiling to impart the smoothness and silky lustre. The solution into which they are dipped should contain water and soda. Finally, acidic color dye is added to the solution. Next, in order to make the yarn tight and string, it is stretched enough so that the saree can be woven. In this complicated process, the motifs and embroidery upon the saree is done once the warn gets dried up completely. Regarding the designs, the rough draft is first sketched on the paper and then punched upon the saree.

Presently, the colors used in the handloom Baluchari silk sarees are vibrant and colorful. Also, people today use a lot of eco-friendly items to weave the saree. Some of the natural products used while dying a Baluchari saree include neem leaves, banana leaves, fruit dyes, dried twigs, flowers dried, turmeric leaves, etc.

Types of Baluchari Sarees

Baluchari sarees available in the market in a wide range . Based on the weaving pattern and the threads used while making the sarees,the different types can be categorised. Some of the popular types are as follows :

  • Resham sarees

Resham sarees are the most simplest type of Baluchari sarees. The entire pattern of the saree are woven by single colored Silk threads.Thus the saree gets a simple vintage look.These Resham sarees with contrasting blouse will give a graceful look.

  • Meenakari sarees

This Saree is woven by two different colored silk threads. The intricate meenakari work in this saree add a different verve to this drape. Ideal sarees for weddings, parties, and functions are Meenakari Sarees. These are available in different color options.

  • Swarnachari sarees

Swarnachari Sarees are the most graceful and magnificent kind of Baluchari sarees. Woven with gold or silver colour threads these Sarees have a glaring effect. Meenakari work makes the patterns on the saree more conspicuous.


By now, you are pretty knowledgeable about the Baluchari sarees. It is high time that you buy Baluchari sarees online … because this is one of the must-haves in your wardrobe!