Latest Designer Sarees for Festival

Designer Saree half velvet and half net

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Exclusive Designer Saree

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Half velvet and half net Saree for Wedding

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Latest Design Linen Work Saree

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Parrot Green Designer Saree

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Pink Designer Saree with Zari border

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Pink Linen Work Saree

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Pure Chanderi and Half Brasso Designer Saree

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Best Designer Sarees Online Collection for Wedding Engagement – Reception – Birthday Party – Diwali

From time immemorial, sarees have always been the icon of fashion. However fashion may change, sarees have never gone off the fashion trend.With time, the simple cotton sarees have evolved to fancy designer sarees.You can say that sarees are an all-time wear for women.

Starting from the simple cotton ones to chiffon, georgette, silk, crepe, designer sarees, and the list goes on and on.

Latest Online Designer Sarees for Specific Occasions

The festive designer sarees needs to be worn on specific occasions.Let’s take a look on what saree to wear when:

Designer Saree for Morning meet ups

Since it is a morning affair, keep your attire limited to white designer saree.Or, you can choose any light shade with thin lacy embroidered border.In short, keep your wardrobe minimal.Select colors like white, light yellow, green, baby pink, peach, creams or beige.

Fancy Designer Saree for Office Wear or Business Parties

Further, when you have to attend business parties, it is better to buy designer sarees online.Also, keep your makeup very classy.Both your make over and the saree should complement each other.

Mid Day Program Designer Saree

Occasions during the mid day gel well with the 3D designer sarees.They look gorgeous yet simple.However, too many ornaments along with the saree looks overdressed.Make sure that when you buy latest designer sarees online, look for the ones with less ornamentation. Light cosmetic jewellery with the saree goes well.

Designer Saree for Night Parties or Wedding Party

When it’s a night party, the look should be rich.In that case, what else can suit you other than a velvet designer saree!Do not forget to pair it up with heavy jewelries and a good bout of makeup.Added to this,be sure that you buy boutique designer sarees & gorgeous chanderi designer sarees too look ravishing.We have a good collection of Kerala designer sarees also.

Designer Saree for Festivals and Party

Be it for wedding party or for any other family occasion, all kinds of festivals demand designer sarees.Choose rich colors designer saree for party with lots of traditional motifs on top of it.You can take a look at the online designer sarees collections for wedding reception and other party at best price.

Look Slim and Tall in Designer Saree

Not all of us are gifted with the same height or stature.Some may have a brilliant body but lacks while some other may be very tall and extremely lean.Irrespective of this, you surely want o look the best in a designer saree.Here is the mantra to it.

Pleat your designer saree properly

It is important that you drape your saree well.Once you drape it properly, half the battle is won!An important part of every saree is the pleat section.All the pleats should be equal.Regarding your pallu,it is up to your level of comfort how much you will leave your pallu or how you want to style it.Instead of leaving it loose, you can pleat it tightly so that your body frame looks much more accentuated.

Choose light fabrics

While choosing designer saree with blouse, avoid the stiff colors like orange or the fabrics like simple cotton.Instead, choose fabrics that easily drape in your body, or rather stick to your body all throughout.The best options available to you are crepe, satin, chiffon, georgette, etc. You can wear designer sarees for birthday party, for Diwali, for wedding engagement and many more other functions.

Select dark colors

A great of the battle is conquered when you choose the right colored saree for you.For women of all shapes and sizes, the best option is to opt for dark colors. The darker is the color of the saree, the more it hides your flabs and the more are your curves enhanced.

Go for prints that are elongated and light

Prints are a big eye catcher.Since the small prints are spread in a very small area, they tend to make you look short.The elongated ones instead, spread over a larger area and make your look tall and slim.

Stick to thin borders

Although bright and broad borders make look vibrant, but they might not be that flattering as you are thinking it to be.The broader the borders, the wider you appear.Go for sleek and subtle ones that mix with the flow of the saree.

How much does it Cost to buy a Fancy Party Wear Designer Saree Online for Wedding, Birthday Party, Diwali etc.

Hello buyers, you can buy latest fancy designer saree with all new and exclusive collections for wedding engagement, reception and other parties like birthday, diwali etc.at affordable price.We have new designer sarees 2019 latest collection under Rs.5000 only.


So, a designer saree is in fashion now ! You can drape it in any way you prefer.But, do not forget to get the right color and the right fabric while you buy from the latest designer saree collection online. Let everyone envy you in the best designer saree and latest designer sarees for festival