Buy Exclusive Shantiniketan Kantha Stitch Saree Online at Best Price

Have you got any ceremony to attend recently? Does your wardrobe look empty? Well, then it is time for getting into some shopping spree! Yay!!! But then, what are you going to shop? And, since it is a high society party that you have to attend, you need to keep in mind that looking elegant is a must. After looking at all your criteria, the best suited dress for the occasion will be the shantiniketan kantha stitch sarees , rather exclusive kantha stitch saree .

Kantha stitch sarees – an introduction

The kantha work on the saree is nothing but an embroidery work on discarded or used material. After the handicraft upon the cloth is complete, the kantha saree is ironed properly to make it appear saleable. You can purchase exclusive kantha stitch saree online . This unique piece of art form is practiced mainly in Murshidabad, Bolpur and Bihar. The stitch is nothing but simple and minute run stitches in the form of various motifs like birds, animals, some mythological characters, etc.

In fact, kantha played a vital role in the empowerment of women. The women in the rural villages took up the kantha work as a means of their income. Its origination comes from how women in Bengal previously used to stitch their old clothes. This craft is still in practice in the nooks and corners of Bengal. Rather, it is better to say that kantha stitch saree in Kolkata knows no bounds,hence stay safe and buy kantha stitch sarees online .

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