It is said that every woman looks at her best when she drapes the six yards. Well, that stands true in most cases. Traditionally, Bengal is known for a lot of things. Amongst all, it’s the Baluchari Silk Saree of Bengal that stand tall as its symbol and tradition, particularly when it is New & Latest Collection of Bengal Baluchari Saree .

Now, tell me, what are you gonna wear for a day time ceremony? Of course not a big gown or something like that! Since it is the day time, you would like to keep it simple right? Well, probably going ethnic would be the best decision. In that case, opt for Bengal Baluchari Sarees.Rather New & Latest Collection of Bengal Baluchari Saree . Once you look at the collection of the Baluchari sarees you will go aww! Before everything, let’s take a look at the brief history of the Baluchari sarees.

The Baluchari saree took birth in the soil of West Bengal. It got its name from the place where the weavers used to weave this piece of cloth. The village where the work of Baluchari used to be conducted was known as Baluchar. It was located in the district of Murshidabad in West Bengal. Well, you will be surprised to know that this work of Baluchari on the sarees started way back almost 500 years ago. Suddenly, some natural calamities took place and the weavers had to shift their weaving set up from Baluchar to Bishnupur. Thereafter, the industry grew rapidly under the British rule.

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